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Niš, situated at the crossroads of Balkan and European roads connecting Europe with the Middle East, one of the oldest cities in the Balkans called in ancient times the "gate between East and West." Since ancient times the city was located at the crossroads of major trade routes. Different names of Niš can be found in many historical sources from the Middle Ages to the present day. They are very similar, depending on the language in which is written: Naissus, Nais, Nisus, Νισσα, Ναισσός, Νισος, Nis , Nis.

The first village on the territory of present-day Niš was founded by the Celts in the third century BC, the city was named after Nishava river (Naissa) by Celtic ancestors who gave it the name of "Vilina River" (Navissos). Since then, the city and the river have not changed their names: Nis - Vilingrad, Nishava – Vilinreka.