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Art Gallery "Kiril Petrov", Montana

The gallery started its activities with a small exhibition in 1971. The collection gathered decades preserve and promote the works of artists from generations from the middle XIX century to the present day. Among them there are the paintings of Nikolai Pavlovich, Ivan Mrkvicka, George Danchov, Jaroslav Veshin, Vladimir Dimitrov - the Master, Sirak Skitnik, Dimityr Boyadhziev, Kiril Petrov, Dechko Uzunov, Georgi Pavlov - Pavleto and many other classics of Bulgarian art. There are also presented Bulgarian artists who worked in the late XX century: Genco Genkov, Dimitar Kazakov - Neron, Svetlin Rusev, Emil Stoychev, Georgi Bozhilov - Slona and more. In the gallery fund there are also paintings by artists from Montana: Prof. Galileo Simeonov, Teodosi Antonov, Venelin Zachariev, Nikolai Penkov, Eugenia Kraycheva and others. According to the specialists, the collection of paintings by HG "Kiril Petrov" is one of the richest in the country. The General Fund contains about 2,500 works, and the permanent exhibition in the newly opened building - about 150 works, mostly classics in fine and applied arts. The works of print making, painting and small sculptures representing different stages of development of Bulgarian art. It is impressive with its artistic value is the collection of icons.