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Lapidarium archeological exhibition, Montana

Lapidarium is a place where are stones of archaeological significance are arranged - statues, stone slabsepigraph, columns architectural details, friezes and arcoteries . Lapidarium archeological exhibition, which is located in the beautiful park of Popskata garden near church "St.St. Cyril and Methodius" Chirch and just a few minutes away from Mihailova House. The archaeological exhibition includes fifty six monuments found in the city and region. It can be seen almost invisible inscriptions on monuments, which are the only sources of the plates and most of the information of the history of the city and culture of the people who had lived in these lands. Some of the inscriptions testify to the beliefs of the local people in Diana deemed goddess and patroness of the city of Apollon and many other deities. Some relics justify the presence of Roman emperors, ruling in the past, governing Dolna Mizia and the region as well as act as a proof for the armours and deeds of different military men and even ordinary people. The monuments are known as cultural and historic value since their discovery, whereby different scientific expeditions took place with the objective of clarifying the origin and the information, inscribed on them.