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Early-Christian Crypts

Christian tradition of Nis started in IV century after the acceptance of Christianity by Constantine, has left many traces in Nis; ruins date from IV-VI century:

Early Christian basilica with matrium in Yagodini mali. The matrium and the church itself is a special sacral building where the relics of christian saints are kept.

Early Christian tomb with frescoes on "Kosovska devojka" Str. - one of the few tombs from this period with paintings. There is a monogram of Christ with a crown of palm leaves on the wall, which became one of the official symbols of the city of Nis.

Early Christian tomb with monogram of Christ in the entrance in Yagodini Mali. Monogram of Christ on the ceiling of the tomb has preserved its vigor, freshness and colours for so many centuries.

Early Christian tomb in Niska Banja near Institute "Radon".