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Archeological site Mediana

Archeological site Mediana is situated in the old Roman road "Via Militaris", now the E-80 highway (Niš-Sofia). On area of 40 hectares you can see the remains of a granary, craft center, villas, spas and villas with peristyle, which are decorated with mosaic floors. Most of the mosaics are with geometric and floral designs, two mosaics have figural motifs on the head of Medusa andsemi-recumbent figure of the God of water (probably Neptune). In the museum you can see some of the stone sculptures, objects that were used for everyday use, and the remains of lead pipes through which the threads bath was carrying warm mineral water. Part of the Roman stone sculptures - portraits of Roman deities, jewelry, coins and other valuables found in Mediana can also be seen in the hall at the National Archaeological Museum of Niš.