Ecotourism - Nature and Beauty
Montana Region Nišava Region

Complex Kom, Berkovitsa Municipality

Complex Kom is suitable for peace and nature and winter sports. It is a starting point for many tourist routes and excursions, that allows you to know the mountain in all its diversity and richness. From here to Kom /2016 m/ is only two hours walking. The route passes over the Funiyata area where snow stays all year, and berries, which ripen from August till September may distract you from the path. The saddle, before climbing the top, is the "crossroads", that separates this route from the Cross-border pedestrian road E 3 Kom - Emine. Kom Peak is the highest point on the tourist route "West Balkan" /Berkovitsa - Chiprovtsi - Belogradchik/. From that poin in a good weather can be seen Danube River and the Northeast - Goliyam and Malyk Samar /conical hills with dense forests and rocky ridges/. Only an hour walk away from "Kom" Hut is is place Shtarkovitsa place /1688 m/. Berkovska mountain is known for its raspberry fields, ripening from July till August. Many edible mushrooms grow in the pine and beech forests.