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Kom Peak, Berkovitsa Municipality

Kom Peak (2016 m) is the fourth highest peak in the Western Stara Planina and its the highest peak of the Berkovitsa Mountain. The best starting point for this easily accessible peak is from Sofia - the Petrohan passage. The altitude is about 600 m. while from Berkovitsa it is about 1600 m. The north slopes and Th Mochuritse Saddle are covered with pine trees and with beech trees at the lower parts. Here are the springs of Berkovitsa river, Ginska river, Visochica and others. When you are in Chiprovtzi Mountain and look at Kom Peak, the peak looks like a haystack reaching the blue sky. Viewed from Tuzla or from Lokvi area, Kom has gigantic size and its northern slopes are almost vertical. Huge avalanches goes down the big hoppe at spring timer.