Ecotourism - Nature and Beauty
Montana Region Nišava Region

Protected area "Kopren - Ravno buche - Deyanitsa-Kalimanitsa", Montana Municipality

Protected area "Kopren - Ravno buche - Deyanitsa - Kalimanitsa" - а total area of 536.4 xa of forest, it combains four beautiful areas in Kopilovski dyal of western Stara Planina, G. Damyanovo Municipality. The interesting landscape is represented by old deciduous and coniferous forests, colorful meadows, dotted with many endangered and rare flora, rock cliffs and crystal clear spring creeks and rivers, making spectacular scenery and attracts hundreds of tourists and wild life lovers every year. With the permission of MEW there are two eco-trails built. In the protected area there are two of the most beautiful waterfalls in north western Bulgaria - "Durshin" and "Voden skok", declared for natural monuments.