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Chuklenik Village

Čukljenik is a village in municipality of Niska Banja, Nisavski region. According to the 2002 Census there were 287 people (according the earyer 1991 census the population was 318 inhabitants).

According to the Turkish historical documents from 1516, the place was one of the 111th villages in the district and was named Čupljenik. There are 30 houses , 7 widow households and 5 singles households in the village. In Čukljenik live 240 old people, and the average age is 46.7 years (45.8 years for men and 47.7 years for women). The village has 97 households, and the average number of persons per household is 2.96. The village is entirely inhabited by Serbs (according to the 2002 Census). The resalts fom the last three censuses, show that the population decline. Near the village there is a well-known place Podkapina area, where “Podkapina festival” for etno music, dance and singing is held every year in the early August.