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Celebration of the city - September 8 the day of the Nativity of the Virgin.

"Patent Leather Shoes" (Festival of Children's Song and arts). Held annually in Berkovitsa in early June. "Patent Leather Shoes" was launched in 1992 as a song festival. In 1994 the festival was given the status of national event and is entered into a national cultural calendar.

BERKSTOCK is a rock festival organized along the lines of the legendary Woodstock. Headlining the festival in 2005 are legendary Scottish punk band Exploited. Berkstok was first held in 1998 with the participation of BTR, Vladimir Tothev, Kamen Kacata, Amusiya and others. During the years of Berkstok have played more than 150 groups, including Babyface Clan, Korozy, Poduene Blues Band, D2, Mastilo, Karizma, Zornik. The stage of Berkstok sang Joe Lynn Turner and Graham Bonnet Alcatraz. The festival was canceled in the period 2006-2011. At the end of 2011, the City Council unanimously voted Berkovitsa rock festival to bere stored in 2012, it was decided to be held on 29 June 30 July 1. The festival remains free of charge.

The Folk Festival "Ashiklar singing and dancing". Held annually in Berkovitsa in early July. Folk Festival is one of the oldest in Bulgaria. In August 1936 the festival strated as singing competition of Berkovska district.

The Feast of Berkovski mountain - at the end of the summer, held at hut "Kom". Held is annually in Berkovitsa, on the first Saturday of August, in the locality Gornata Koriya in the district near hut Kom. Evening for mountain lovers is playing brass music of the village Byrziyaand ignites festive fire. Transport is organized.

The festilval of "Wild berries", held at "Kom" Hut. The hut has 106 beds, 36 rooms (17 with private bathrooms and 19 with common-storey), inn, tourist kitchen, internet, central heating. In summer there are excellent conditions for hiking - eco paths in wilderness areas and nature. Near the hut there is a long ski run 1 km., ski lift, ski storage and ski instructors. 2 hours from the hut is located Kom Peak (№ 34 of the 100 National tourist sites in Bulgaria), at 20 min to Vazov stone of 3h is the passage Petrohan. Here starts evro road E3- Com-Emine. In all seasons the nature is uniquely beautiful.