Crafts and Folklore - a journey through the mystery and traditions
Montana Region Nišava Region

Folk music and instruments

Folklore in North western Bulgaria is extremely colorful. One of the most distinctive tracks in thisregion are rebel epic songs, which can rightly be said to be "born" in the mountains. There are frequently performed and texts mythical creatures from Bulgarian folklore - dragon and more. Among the songs of Northerners are the harvest songs (with characteristic growls) wedding songs (reflecting the whole wedding ritual), harvester songs, and table, ritual songs. Typically for Montana area is the monophonic performance, which is usually in a narrow tonal range. The melodies are often without size or irregular sizes.

Musical instruments that accompany the Northern folk songs are pipe, shepherd's flute, ocarina, rebec, kaval and bag pipe. Among them, the most typical of the area is the pipe. It must be emphasized, and the presence of European brass and string instruments that invariably accompany brass music at weddings and dinners outdoors.

Popular songs in the northwest ethnographic area are: Eleno mome; Zableyalo mi agynce; Sybiraite se malki momi; Mari Mome; Butterfly walked; Baba luk posela; Kitka ti padna Deno; Malka moma cvete brala; Nedo le, Nedke hubava; Temenugo, Temenuzhke; Dunav teche, Yagode; Naklala Janka sedyanka