Crafts and Folklore - a journey through the mystery and traditions
Montana Region Nišava Region


The folklore dances in North western of Bulgaria are very wealthy and various. The dances are characterized by a whirl wind game, freedom of movement and ease of implementation. The game in this region is related to the separation of concerns, everyday work on the farm and giving joy and gladness. This dance is often equated with "air borne" and "reel to carelessness." A typical Northern dance is a small step, gentle movements and finely balanced springing with feet and shoulders. Often are seen squatting, assemblages and characteristic growls. Most of the dances are mixed; the movements are concentrated mainly in the legs. In the dance there are participating both the head and the body. Many characteristics are intentionally broad and waving of arms as if dancing tread, and "fly." Characteristic of Montana are folk dances in size 2/4 (with tiny increments). In most of the dances players hold hands, but often occur for grip belt. Almost every dance begins slowly and quietly, but soon the dance goes to small steps and speeds. During a long performance, the dancers repeatedly return to the initial relaxed and loose motions for recreation. Popular folklore dances from North-West ethnographic area are: Daichovo horo, Paydushko horo, Elenino horo, Gankino horo, Danavsko horo, Chichovo horo, Cherkezko horo, Kulsko horo, Schirra, Gamzovyana, Izruchanka, Torlashko horo, Serbo-veselyashko horo, Sitno vlashko horo.