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Thematic Tourism

Cross-border area Montana - Nišava


Thematic Tourism - Opportunities for development and promotion of cross-border area Montana - Nišava...

The Territory of district Montana and region of Niš district has a large resource potential for tourism development. There are resource opportunities for recreation and tourism development.

Natural and geographical conditions and historical heritage of Montana allow the municipalities in its territory to develop different types of specialized tourism - ecotourism, skiing, cultural, rural, hunting and fishing, spa and medical treatment. The basic resources and potentials are concentrated in the municipalities of Lom, Montana, Berkovitsa and Varshetz. Locations with strong resources and prospects for tourism development are: spa tourism - municipality Varshetz (Varshetz town and village Spanchevtsi) and Berkovica; eco and rural tourism – municipalities Berkovica (villag Chereshovitsa, village Burzia, village Bistrilitsa), Chiprovci, G. Damyanovo Municipality and the villages of the valley of the River Dalgodelska Augusta (village Kopilovtsi, Govezhda village Diva Slatina, village Melyane); mountaineering and skiing tourism - Berkovica; water and river tourism - Dam Augusta (municipalities Montana and Berkovica); culinary tourism; religious tourism; fishing and etc.

Niš is one of the oldest cities in the Balkans, called "The Gateway between East and West”. Since ancient times was a focal point of major trade routes. The city was founded by the Celts in the third century BC. Prehistoric inhabitants called the city Navissos - City of Fairies. Due to its important geographical position, natural resources, transport infrastructure and rich cultural-historical heritage, this region has exceptional opportunities for tourism development. The Resort tourism has a long tradition - from discovery of mineral springs from the Romans to the present day. In the region of Niš there are several famous resorts - Niška Banja Spa (county Niš), Kurshumlishka spa bath, Prolom spa bath and Lukovska spa bath (County Toplitsa).