About the Project

Project: Discover the unknown part of the Balkans

Bulgaria – Serbia IPA Cross-Border Programme


Lead partner: "Regional Development Agency and Business Centre 2000"

Partner: Economic Association Regional Centre for the Development of Small and Medium Enterprises and Entrepreneurs – Nis Ltd. Nis

Project duration: January 2013 – January 2014

General objective: Strengthen the sustainable and balanced economic development of the tourism sector in the cross border region of Montana and Nish. Montana and Nish have potential to introduce integrated cross-border tourist product(s) on the ground of their affluent nature resources and cultural heritage.

Specific objectives:

1. Stimulate the tourism activity in the neighbouring region of Montana - Nish. The tourism activity in the region can be activated through provision of qualitative services. The proposed project is intended to attract tourist SMEs and tour operators and individual tourist as well.

2. To develop and introduce innovative model in the tourism sector which will promote the nature resources and cultural heritage in the cross border region.

Project activities:

1. The Study "Thematic tourism - opportunity for development and promoting of the cross border area Montana-Nishava" will be developed. Through this study will identify the main tourist attractions in the region. Depending on tourist attractions identified and their positions in the region will create at least 7 thematic routes (cultural, business, ethnography and folklore, cruise and leisure, etc.). These tourist routes aim to provide to SMEs in the tourist sector a new tourism product to be presented to potential tourists in the area.

2. Improve the image of the region through a video presentation / movie / for each of the routes made ​​in three languages ​​(Bulgarian, Serbian and English).

3. Establishment of a Cross Border Association, which will include small and medium enterprises, non-governmental organizations and individuals working in the field of tourism. Membership is on a voluntary basis - at this stage a framing it as a legal entity.

4. Organization and conducting of workshops. The workshops are aimed at SMEs representative of tourism field. Within each seminar will be presented a thematic route with sightseeing that can be visited, the existence of infrastructure in this route and benefits of inclusion in the tour operators offers.

5. Organizing and conducting two demonstration tours with routes defined by the Cross Border Association. In one of them will be participate representatives of the local authorities and media, and the other - the most active representatives of tourist companies, members of the Association. The purpose of the demonstration is to show the real situation of tourism infrastructure and development opportunities in this area.

6. Conducting of international conference - means of promoting the identity of the regions of Montana and Nis, and exhibition of tourist products offered by companies in the sector.

7. Under the project 2 Tourism Information Centers will be created - in Montana and in Nish. For their proper functioning 2 infokiosk will be purchased and will be installed on proper places with easy access in order to be used from more people from the community. They will give the possibilities of the citizens and the tourists to receive the needed information for the thematic routes.

Detailed information you can download here:

"Thematic Tourism - Opportunities for development and promotion of cross-border area Montana - Nišava" (.pdf-507Kb)