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The area of Montana has traditionally remained off the historical processes taking place in the Balkans. This can be explained with the different geographical and historical factors. In the age of antiquity in the region of Montana have not been formed political centers of the Thracians. Another feature is that the area is not covered by the Greek colonization. Only in the Roman age/ from the second century BC till forth century/ began more dynamic processes associated with the construction of an urban center with the look of today's area of Montana. It is formed mainly in relation to the proximity of the Roman limes- the border of the Roman Empire on the Danube in a period of several centuries. In the early Middle Ages the region is seen to be inhabited by Slavic groups. Due to historical peculiarities of the region of Montana has been with limited Heritage compared to other municipalities. This explains why the museum network here is somewhat less developed than in other regions. This is due to the fact that the liberation of Bulgaria in 1878 so far here are held fewer and less significant in range archaeological researches. Currently operating in Montana are the Historical Museum, the Art Gallery. Interesting for visitors are the Monument of Vasil Levski, Drama Theatre "Dragomir Asenov," created in 1962 and Regional Library "Geo Milev".